The resemblance between LEGO® and BIM was recently well-covered in other blog posts, and it’s an understatement that the favourite ’toys’ of an architect are the LEGO® Builder sets. The number of real ‘cross-links’ between BIM and the colorful bricks however, was surprisingly low before Rob Jackson and his team took a ‘shot’ at it.

In spite of existing LEGO-design software, unabling everyone to make your own designs and order them online, it seemed a nice challenge to try and create the digital equivalent of the lego-system within Archicad, using BIM-objects.


The basis could exist out of a limited number of parametric BIM-objects, containing the vast amount of de LEGO bricks variaties – off course in all existing colours. These objects can then be used to build your own virtual lego-model from scratch. Once enough BIM-objects are available, an API/plugin could be developed to make it possible to transform an existing (‘real’) Archicad-model into it’s lego-twin… Legofy!

note: Bond Bryan Digital has created a fantastic set of objects, supporting this same idea. This makes my effort look a bit pale... Read about their series of LEGO-posts here.



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